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    November 22, 2022 4 min read

    During the Chinese New Year, Chinese people from all over the world engage in a custom called "bai nian" when they visit friends and family. Typically, younger generations would pay visits to their elders in exchange for red packets, also known as ang paus, which are only given to unmarried people, and bring gifts and best wishes for their health and prosperity.

    It's time to start shopping for auspicious gifts with CNY just around the corner to spread the message of abundance throughout this festive season.  Especially now, reunion dinners and house visits are permitted during the forthcoming Year of the Rabbit. To convey happiness, fortune, and prosperity to your friends and family, we have put together a collection of the best premium Chinese New Year presents and hampers for your loved ones. Check it out!

    Popular CNY Gift Ideas 2023


    Premium CNY Gift Ideas

    Ginseng is known in the Chinese community as the King of tonic herbs. It's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It might lower blood sugar and some cancers. Further, ginseng may boost brain function, lessen weariness, and bolster the immune system.

    However, not all ginseng is made equal, and the cost of wild ginseng and farmed ginseng differs significantly. To give a box of ginseng during Chinese New Year is to convey your wishes for a long and healthy life to your receiver. Old folks generally will appreciate this gift the most.

    Birds Nest

    Premium CNY Gift Ideas

    It is believed that a bird's capacity to fly is to connect with heaven and earth. The gods and the energies linked with them were represented by birds in ancient times. It stands for wisdom, integrity, fortune, and distinction.

    As a gift, a bird's nest has considerable dignity and reputation, which your loved ones truly deserve. Giving a bird's nest as a gift is the best way to let your loved ones know how much you value what they have done for you by ensuring their well-being. Due to its high demand and difficulty of obtaining it, bird's nest is a pricey delicacy that goes by several titles, including the Caviar of the East and white gold.

    Wine & Flower Bundle Set

    Premium CNY Gift Ideas

    If your host likes alcohol, a beautiful bottle of their favourite drink is a great gift. Chinese people generally have a vibrant drinking culture, and drinking happens everywhere, from business meetings to date nights. No Chinese New Year reunion dinner is complete without a bottle or two of alcohol to be frank!

    But why stop at just alcohol when you can make it a gift bundle? LVLY Malaysia offers a selection of premium gift bundles perfect for your next Chinese New Year reunion celebration. Impress your friends, family, or host with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and yummy goodies, available for same-day delivery across Malaysia.


    Premium CNY Gift Ideas

    Red and gold are two very common Lunar New Year colours used to convey luck and wealth, and a well-known Chinese custom is buying gold during the Lunar New Year. It is said to bring prosperity, money, and good fortune. Red is a popular colour in Chinese culture because it represents various ideas, such as fire, wealth, and joy.

    And throughout Chinese history, gold has played a significant role as it is viewed as a sign of luck and wealth. So if you’re considering purchasing gold this CNY, go for it! It’s a fantastic gift for yourself and loved ones as an investment and a medium of exchange. 

    Kumquat Trees

    Premium CNY Gift Ideas

    The kumquat, known in Cantonese as gam gat sue, represents luck and fortune. "Gam" is the Cantonese word for "gold," and "gat" is the Cantonese word for "luck." Similarly, the Mandarin name for the kumquat is jinju shu (jnj shù /jin-jyoo shoo/), where jin () is the Chinese word for gold.

    Depending on your local nursery, there are two types of kumquat trees that you can buy and for whom you’re gifting. You can get kumquat trees adorned with gold bars (yes, it’s a thing!) Or you can choose plain potted trees and customise them with ang pau packets (with or without money inside them). Giving a kumquat tree to a loved one symbolises your wish for wealth and good fortune.

    Auspicious Food

    Premium CNY Gift Ideas

    Chinese people place a high value on food in their daily lives. Therefore, in addition to material presents and ang pau, it is also regarded as respectful to provide food gifts when visiting homes during Chinese New Year. Here are some unusual gifts you might want to think about bringing on your next Chinese New Year house visit and their meaning: 

    • Nuts - Groundnuts or peanuts are must-have snacks during CNY. It symbolises a long, healthy life for those who eat them.
    • Dried oysters - Hosi, “oyster” in Cantonese, is a homonym meaning “fortunate situation”.
    • Dried mushrooms - Symbolises wishes fulfilled from the east to west.
    • Dates - Literally translates to “prosperity comes early”.
    • Abalone - Abalone is known asbaoyu in Mandarin, which has a similar meaning of “assurance” (bao) of a “surplus” (yu) in the year ahead. 
    • Bak Kwa - Barbecued meat ( pork) that traditionally takes the form of thin square slices.
    • Dried scallops - They have the meaning of “Reunion” and “Money making”.