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    Company values

    Lvly Values

    We’re a bunch of people driven by purpose and passion

    Here at LVLY we really give a damn about our customers, employees, partners and suppliers. We know we’ll only ever be as good as the people we hire, which is why we haven’t left our company culture and values to chance. In early 2016 we crowd-sourced our values amongst the team to make sure we’re building a company that people are proud to be part of. These 5 values are the lifeblood of our business and keep us all excited to come into work everyday.


    Make someone’s day

    This is why we exist and it’s why our customers come first, always. For us, customer service isn’t a department, it’s the heartbeat of our business. That means we give the service we would love to receive and we go above and beyond to make our customers happy. We’re not perfect, problems and mistakes happen but when they do we own it, fix it and learn from it.


    One team, one dream

    Individually we’re brilliant, together we are unstoppable. We’re a team of people who believe we can achieve anything together. We step outside of our roles to help each other and always keep the family spirit alive.


    Work hungry, hustle hard

    This is about us bringing our A-game and passion to the table everyday to get sh*t done. We believe good ideas can come from anywhere and that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. We empower our team to create change, not wait for it.


    Own your impact

    Women are notoriously bad at this! We encourage everyone in the team to talk about their strengths, track their impact and celebrate their achievements. Making our hours and effort count for something good is why we keep turning up everyday.


    Be a goodie

    You’ll only find good eggs here at LVLY HQ. There’s not a bad apple in sight. We’re driven by doing the right thing by each other, our suppliers and our customers. We choose positivity over pessimism and think that being open, honest and genuine is a non-negotiable.